Thursday, January 8, 2009

follow up to my quick observation

So i guess i was wrong. The first day back to school was very mellow and common. I expected there to be more abnormal interactions with those who have not seen each other in two and a half weeks. there didn't seem to be any showing off that was noticeable. people just fell back into the monotonous repetition of class. relating to what we have discussed in class, i dint see a big change in who was part of certain groups. unlike the beginning of the school year, people seemed to stay put with their friends groups. Not going out of their way to fit in with a new crowd.

I know that i have started to change who i hang out with. I am not reverting back to the friend group i have my freshman and sophomore year. I started to move away from that group because i wanted to see what else was there for people to do, not saying they were boring, just that different groups have different dynamics. i now am coming back to that group because it, for me, feels like a constant that i was missing. People that i easily fit into. This transition was made easy by my getting sick. I had no social life for about three weeks, and when i was able to venture out again i sort of got to pick who i wanted to hang out with. I am glad i didn't shun them too much so that i wasn't accepted back in.


Natalie H said...

To tell you the truth, I kind of expected the same thing. But I guess 2 weeks isn't really that long and most changes are noticed right after summer. Anyway I'm glad your feeling better!

Ollie said...

This really is bizarre, I thought she would get dejected, but instead she fit right in and was pretty cool. I agree with everything else you said. I hardly see my old friends. Strange huh.

Jimmy said...

I noticed the same thing. youd expect everyone to be all happy to see each other and everything.

Good post =]